MAL specializes in assisting with placement of students overseas to Colleges and Universities. We assist with entrance into secondary schools, as well as Colleges and Universities for undergraduate and post graduate programs.

Research has shown that there is an increase in demand for Higher Education in Nigeria and around the world.This is because employers seek out students with the best education. In addition, having an international qualification and exposure helps to improve the employability of an individual.

MAL is an International Education Placement Agency representing High schools, colleges and Universities in different countries that includes United Kingdom, Cyprus, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey, Hungary, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Hungary, U.A.E, Switzerland, India and many others.

MAL has successfully placed many students in various institutions worldwide and of the students that go to countries such as IRELAND, CANADA, UK, CYPRUS, AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, SPAIN, TURKEY and USA have the opportunity to work during study or upon completion of their degree.

MAL has got a strong team of highly qualified and experienced student advisors to service its client’s needs. We look forward to working with you to attain your educational goals.

Our Value

• Customer service
• Commitment to Quality
• One-company focus
• Empowerment and accountability
• Integrity and Honesty
• Valuing people
• Openness
• Team work
• Professionalism

Our Objectives

• To help students to access the right accredited and recognized institutions abroad.
• To provide professional guidance to our clients who want to study abroad.
• To provide a portfolio of assessment, evaluation of credential tools, including English language testing, for education and immigration purposes.
• To help students realize their dream of pursuing higher education and gain the benefits from studying in developed countries abroad.

Our Advantages

• Member of ICCRC: Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant
• Successfully placed students in different institutions around the world
• Golden Members of PIER (Professional International Education Resource)
• Integrity and Honesty
• Excellent Customer Service
• Professionalism


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